Crafting tips by Congé Bricolé

Crafting tips by Congé Bricolé

Blogpost written by Congé Bricolé on her website, translated by us.

Creative photo shoot with Mister Tody

Last month I organized a workshop/photo shoot in our studio for Mister Tody. This fun, creative and Belgian brand develops and produces cardboard toys for cool kids with a big imagination. You can completely personalize all their products. This is how your child becomes the hero of his own personalized story at 1 2 3. Just take a look at their website and you will certainly be stimulated to get started.

4 fun crafting techniques to decorate Mister Tody toys.

Now I can imagine that it can be intimidating to start pimping your Mister Tody product. You can of course get started quickly and easily with pencils, markers or paint, but if you are looking for a different technique, Congé Bricolé is happy to think along with you. In this blog post I show you 4 fun techniques to personalize your Mister Tody purchase and thus score even more with your children.


1. Stamping with a sponge

Give your castle a real "stone" look by stamping with a sponge. Put some gray paint on a plate, dip your sponge in the paint and make a print. Repeat this and make a long row. For the row above, start in the middle of your first two bricks and repeat the same action. This is how your stone wall looks almost real.


2. Stamp with a fork

Do you want to give your horse a little more structure? Use a fork to stamp with. Dip the fork into the paint and press it against the cardboard. The pins of the fork provide a hairy structure. Kids love to use everyday objects in a different way, so I bet they're going to be super excited.

mistertody @stefaniefaveere  018.jpg

mistertody @stefaniefaveere  006.jpg


3) Wrap or cover with tinfoil

Nothing cooler than a knight suit or crown that can really shine in the sunlight. Take your roll of aluminum foil from the kitchen drawer and tape it to your shield or crown. Super simple, but very effective. You can personalize your purchase even further by adding stickers, gems or drawings.

mistertody @stefaniefaveere  085.jpg
mistertody @stefaniefaveere  071.jpg


4) Decorate with stickers / washi tape

Stickers and washi tape are indispensable in our craft case. I love that you can give your child a lot of freedom in this way, but still have a nice (and clean) result. In addition, children practice their fine motor skills while playing. Win win.

mistertody @stefaniefaveere  106.jpg
mistertody @stefaniefaveere  107.jpg
mistertody @stefaniefaveere  103.jpg

Curious about their products? Go and a look on

The beautiful images are made by Stefanie Faveere.

=> Discover more about Congé Bricolé online and on their instagram. Want to get inspired? Buy her amazingly creative book

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