ecological toys that spark your imagination

gift a sustainable toy that stimulates creativity for hours of crafting and family fun

Are you ready for magical adventures?

Let the kids play for hours. First they colour, then they play. A godsgift for their creativity and for a little mommy or daddy-time off ;-).

Get inspired!

Cardboard playhouse

life size cardboard playhouses for the creative little ones 

  • we are ecological

    our products are made from cardboard made from controlled forestation. The basis is 78% recycled cardboard, the new fibres come from waste material from the wood sector. The rope we use is natural cotton and is unbleached.

    All elements are a 100% recyclable.

  • we are fun and creative

    our toys are fun to play with and offer endless hours of fantasy and creative play. we offer a blank canvas so your kid can create their own design.

  • we care for childrens welbeing

    Kids can have a hard time deconnecting after a long day of impulses. Others have a hard time expressing their emotions and feelings. We aim to be a tool to help our little ones. Be it as a safe hideaway or as roleplay to enact what is on their mind.