Creative DIY dinosaur costume

Creative DIY dinosaur costume

Make your own Dinosaur costume

Let's get creative and dress up with our friends and family for a great day. In this post we’ll guide you through the steps to make a fun costume. It’s kids proof and will make for a fun crafting activity for all parties involved.

This is created and photographed by Janne of the amazing instagram account @game.of.toddlers. The supermodel in the pictures is her cutiepie son Morris.

Getting started

This dinosaur costume is made from our dinosaur cool and dinosaur dress-up combined together. 

dinosaur costume

First things first. Start by assembling the dinosaur cool costume, use the assembly video, you can find it here. Then assemble the dinosaur dress-up set with the instructions
The final result should look like this:

cardboard dinosaur costumecardboard dinosaur costume and dress-up

Decorating your dinosaur costume

Making DIY cardboard stamps

Now it’s time to get creative. We use the packaging of the dinosaur costume and dress-up set to make our own stamps. With these stamps your kid will be able to decorate the dinosaur in a fun and easy way. Janne went for an assortment of geographical shapes, you can copy those or get creative and make your own shapes. This way you upcycle the packaging into a creative and fun crafting project.

creative DIY stampscreative DIY stamps

Painting with creative brushes

Morris started by using the home-made DIY stamps to make a pattern, his mom may have helped a little but that’s our secret right ;)? Then he used fun brushes like these to paint the tail, body and head of his dinosaur, around and over the stamps he already decorated? 

creative stamps DIYbrushing creative paintingpainting dinosaur headpainting dinosaur costume head

What an amazing result

And then you get this beautifully creative dinosaur costume, sure you’ll be the hit of the party. Rooaaarrr as we dinosaurs say!

dinosaur costume and dress-up set decorateddinosaur costume and dress-up set decorated


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