Upcycle packaging to a fun marble catcher game

Upcyle your packaging into a game of marble catcher

Upcycle inspiration for the small packaging into a marble catcher

Ready to get crafty? Let's go!

 What you need:

- a small packaging shaped into the basic frame (link here)

- the leftovers from the packaging - don't throw anything away
- a glue gun + assisting adult
- coloring pencils or markers to your liking
- cutter knife
- marbles
- your creativity :)

Time needed: 15 min
Expert level: basic

Step by step how to:

Step 1:

start making the basic frame from your packaging. You can find the link to the tutorial here.

Step 2:

make a beautiful drawing in the frame. We chose a dog, but it really can be anything you little one love. 

Step 3:

color the drawing to your liking 


Step 4:

have an adult cut out a hole in your drawing. We made an opening in the mouth of the dog, get creative and see what works best in the drawing you made. Warning: ask an adult to do this for you, we don't want bloody fingers :)!

Step 5:

test if the hole is big enough for your marbles. 

Step 6:

use the little leftovers and glue them on your drawing to create obstacles. Warning! have an adult assist you while using the glue gun! 

Step 7:

we added the bigger leftovers of the packaging as little handles to the sides of our frame. Warning! have an adult assist you while using the glue gun! 

Step 8:

to catch the marbles that fall through the hole we made a little container to stop them from falling on the ground. this is also made from leftover from the packaging after making the basic frame. 

Step 9: 

go on and have fun :)




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