10 eco-friendly children's gifts for Christmas

10 eco-friendly children's gifts for Christmas

Having a hard time finding an original gift for the little ones for Christmas? Finding toys that are original, educational and excite them are hard to find. On top of that, with plastic toys being one of the biggest polluting industries, choosing a sustainable toy is good for the child and the planet. The toys in this list are chosen for their quality and sustainability. This holiday gift guide was put together for people with a heart for a greener future. Take your pick from our favourite eco-friendly children’s gifts, toys made from cardboard, wood or organic materials that will put a smile on a beautiful little face.

Recyclable card-board toys that spark imagination and creativity

We love cardboard toys. Why? They are made entirely from recycled cardboard, and are fully customizable. Get crafty and paint, colour-in or decorate the toys together.

1. Cardboard colour-in rocket ship

cardboard colour-in rocket ship

Give a little astronaut his/her very own rocketship. This rocket ship can be decorated and coloured-in to their hearts desire!

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2. A sweet cardboard horse set

sweet cardboard horse

This sweet horse set made out of sustainable cardboard is the perfect gift for children who love acting out their own stories.

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3. A majestic cardboard castle

majestic cardboard castle

Who hasn’t wanted their own castle, really? This ecological cardboard fortress is the perfect playhouse. It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s sustainable.

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4. Unicorn dress-up set

unicorn dress-up set

Let out the inner unicorn with this colour-in unicorn dress-up set. The best gift for creative unicorn lovers.

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Wooden, durable toys that focus on quality not quantity

Wooden toys are durable and sturdy toys. The wood that is used is long-lasting and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as PVC and other chemicals that are often present in plastic toys. Their simple and organic design are loved by many. Take a look at our selection of wooden toys.

5. Personalised wooden dog toy

ecologic toy animal

This personalised wooden toy dog is a wonderful gift for little boys and girls dreaming of getting a pet.

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6. Large set of wooden building blocks

Wooden building blocks

Build entire cities with this extra-large set of building blocks. This building set is bound to be loved by many.

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7. Rainbow wooden peg dolls

Wooden peg dolls

The people of the world unite in this colourful set of wooden peg dolls. They are ideal for open-ended, imaginative play, the possibilities are endless.

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Toys in organic materials

These toys are made from organic and natural raw materials. Safe to play with, sustainably-produced.

8. "Dream big" knitted teddy

dream big teddy

This beautiful little bunny is made in pure baby alpaca wool, which is antibacterial and perfectly adapted for babies’ sensitive skin. It ensures little ones know that they can dream big from the very start!

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9. Lion hand puppet and washcloth

lion hand puppet and wascloth

Let your little one play with the king of the jungle as a hand puppet and a handy washcloth, which makes bathing so much more fun!

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10. Organic cotton forest cube

organic cotton forest cube

This forest cube is a fun toy for babies. It’s perfect for attaching to a pram, bedside table or car seat to allow your little one to explore the different colours, textures and shapes. Ánd is made from 100% organic cotton.

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It’s never too early to start thinking about which Christmas gift to give your loved ones. We hope you are inspired by our selection of eco-friendly children's gifts for Christmas. Ps. If you want to inspire others to think about giving sustainable gifts, share this article on social media. Together, we can create a better future for our children.

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