Our Mission is to Inspire

  • Cardboard Adventures

    Childhood is one big adventure. And even more magical are the adventures created in the minds of our little ones during playtime. Together, as a family or with playmates. We created cardboard toys for the bravest and most imaginative of adventurers.

  • Made by Moms for Moms

    As a busy professional and a mom myself, I wanted to create easy and mom-friendly toys. To me, this means: easy to assemble and require no hard thinking from your part. This allows for more time to play together and let your creativity loose. And isn't that just the dream?

  • Crafting Skills

    Arts and crafts are a fantastic tool for self-expression, developing fine motor skills and boosting the confidence of your child. We believe that everyone can be creative in their own way. Allowing your child to engage in creative play is a great way to discover their hidden talents and boost their cognitive skills.

Our magical ingredients: love & craftsmanship

Our toys are all about love and respect, for our world, our partners and for our customers. Our products are designed and produced in Belgium, supporting local businesses and local designers. We believe in doing fair business and this is an integral part of the magic of Mister Tody.

Another step towards a sustainable future

Our mission is to create eco-friendly and sustainable cardboard toys that are 100% recyclable. We believe that every small step towards a more sustainable future counts and that's why we strive to make a positive impact through our products. Our toys are made from high-quality, sturdy 85% recycled cardboard that is sourced from recycled paper/cardboard, waste material from the wood industry and controlled tree plantations (FSC). Our toys are designed to be durable and long-lasting. When they eventually reach the end of their life, they can be easily recycled, making them a great choice for families who want to reduce their environmental footprint. We believe that playtime should be enjoyable and guilt-free, and we are dedicated to making that a reality for families everywhere.

The Mom-Squad

  • Evelyne

    Founder, mom of 3

  • An-Sofie

    Marketing, mom of 1, expecting another

  • Annelies

    Graphic Design, mom of 2

  • Sandra

    Logistics, mom of 3

A word from our founder

Hi, I'm Evelyne,

I'm the founder of Mister Tody. I'm a mom and I love being creative. It's not always easy to start from scratch, so I created these easy to assemble toys that can help your crafting activities with your kids.

Have fun!