Plane Flying Circus

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Welcome aboard the Mister Tody plane. This is your captain speaking!

Where do you want to go to today? Candyland? No-grown-ups land? Everything is possible, just take your very own plane, put on your seatbelt and let your imagination take you to wonderful places past the horizon. But don’t forget to check the engine!

Extra Product information

What is more fun for your kid than being a real airplane pilot? Let his or her imagination run free with the Mister Tody cardboard toy plane! Easy to assemble, watch our video tutorial to see how

The plane is delivered in a cardboard sleeve. Ready to assemble. No tools are needed and all elements* are included, ready for use. Easy to demount for easy storage.

Dimensions built up: 79.6x73.2x32 cm
Flat packed: 76.8 x 44.8 x 3 cm
Article: VL0003

* One pack consists of printed cardboard: (1 plane, 1 control wheel, 2 wings, 1 tail, 1 propellor) + 2 snap fasteners + 1 twill tape of 2m