Playhouse Miffy

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Knock, knock! Is Miffy home?

Miffy is known around the world as the cute little bunny. Now your kid can play in her house.

Extra Product information

Transform your living room into a world of wonders with Miffy’s cardboard playhouse. Discover the world of Miffy and let your kid's fantasy run wild. Ready for the (play)housewarming? Easy to assemble, watch our video tutorial to see how

The house is delivered in a cardboard sleeve. Ready to assemble. No tools are needed and all elements* are included, ready for use. Easy to demount for easy storage.

Dimensions built up: 80.6 x 33 x 29.6 cm
Flat packed: 76.8 x 44.8 x 3 cm
Article: MH0001

* One pack consists of : printed cardboard (2 sides house, 2 sides roof, door, chimney)

Did you know? 

The cardboard toys created by Mister Tody are not only fun and charming, they are also eco-friendly. Mister Tody wants to contribute to the decrease of plastic pollution by offering magical cardboard toys that are easy to recycle and incredibly fun to play with.



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