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Miffy stool red cardboard

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This pretty little stool is kid sized (27x27x30cm) with the most amazing Miffy prints. You can use it as a stool, a sidetable, a nightstand, a step-up, a dance podium. Give it to your children and watch the many ways they will incorporate it in their play. The pretty colours of this cardboard Miffy stool brightens up the kidsroom. 

But is it strong enough people ask. Yes, absolutely yes. We have tested it on adults and it lasts. So your child is very safe, you can trust us!

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    Miffy stool red cardboard
    Miffy stool red cardboard
    Miffy stool red cardboard
    Miffy stool red cardboard
    Miffy stool red cardboard
    Miffy stool red cardboard


    • We are ecological

      our products are made from cardboard made from controlled forestation. the basis is 88% recycled cardboard, the new fibers come from controlled tree plantations. The rope we use is natural cotton and is unbleached.

      All elements are 100% recyclable.

    • We want to help busy parents

      you're a parent with a desire to play creatively, but without the time or inspiration to figure it out all by yourself. we get it. that's why we offer our toys, easy to assemble and great fun to play with. go on and enjoy that playtime with your little one!

    • We care for childrens welbeing

      kids can have a hard time deconnecting after a long day of impulses. others have a hard time expressing their emotions and feelings. we aim to be a tool to help our little ones. be it as a safe hideaway or as roleplay to enact what is on their mind.

    • Guarantee heading

      our toys are fun to play with and offer endless hours of fantasy and creative play. we offer a blank canvas so your kid can create their own design. we spark creativity.


    Louwies is heel blij met zijn boot!


    Waaaauw we hebben zonet het ruimteschip in elkaar gestoken!
    Hoe prachtig! Eden is er helemaal gek op 😍


    Ze vonden het de max!!
    Ze hebben er echt van genoten!!


    Thanks thanks the kids are so so happy ! It’s so so cool ! 🥰🥰🥰


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