Why is cardboard not made from 100% recycled material?

Why is cardboard not made from 100% recycled material?

Cardboard is made out of a combination of recycled and new fibers. 

But why does cardboard need new fibers?

During the cardboard recycling process, the cardboard fibers are pulled apart and break down a bit more every time they go through this process. After several times, these fibers become too small to hatch enough to make a solid material. That is why new fibers must be added to ensure that the cardboard we use is strong enough to go through a lot of hours of play. 

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Where do new fibers come from?

These new fibers have to come from somewhere and as a lot of you know, they come from wood. But rest assured, no trees are cut down to make paper or cardboard, we simply use the waste of the wood industry, the chips, the small fibers. This waste is re-used, and up-cycled as you will to make new paper and cardboard. This means that waste in the wood industry is minimized and we get strong and environmentally friendly cardboard.

So everything considered our cardboard is a recycled and waste-reducing material, which serves the planet and our kids in a good way. And that, we like a lot!

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