What about a fair product?

How important is it to you that a product is made with love and with craftsmanship? For us - Astrid & Evelyne - this is essential. A good product is well made, in a good environment with respect for its partners and surroundings. It is so important these days to be able to do good business. For us that means fair business, where all the parties involved are correctly rewarded for their efforts. All our products are designed and produced in Belgium, supporting local business and local designers. That is why we are not the cheapest around, but we honestly believe this is essential to our brand and to make it grow with a long-term vision. Will you join us in this movement?

What about an eco-friendly product?

Do you know that when you want your kid’s toy to last a long time it usually means it will never go away and will never be recycled? And that all those long-lasting plastic toys have a huge impact on our environment (for example: a plastic bottle takes over 500 years to break down)? Will you join our movement for more ecological toys and invest in cardboard toys instead of plastic ones?



What about our team?

We are Astrid & Evelyne. (or Evelyne & Astrid as in the photo). We develop, design and produce stylish cardboard toys for cool kids. Toys that stimulate the fantasy of the children and play their dreams! How did we come up with this idea? Interesting story. Evelyne had been working in the family business for a few years when they developed a cardboard plane for a marketing campaign to reach their clients in a fun way. It was so successful that I didn’t go unnoticed. Evelyne was convinced off the idea and the improvements it would make in the existing toy market and talked about a lot. For real, she talked and dreamed about it a lot. Until Astrid was done listening and decided there had been enough talk. It was time for action. They decided to team up and, not long after, Mister Tody was born.

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Astrid De Clerck - astrid@mistertody.com
Evelyne Depuydt - evelyne@mistertody.com