we are Astrid & Evelyne. (or Evelyne & Astrid as in the photo)
Two young entrepreneurs ready to take on the world. (bold statement right?)

What do we do?

We develop, design and produce stylish cardboard toys for cool kids.
The cool thing about these toys is that the kids have to get inside to play with them.
There is no better way to stimulate the fantasy of children and to let them play their dreams!

How did we come up with this idea?

Interesting story. Evelyne had been working in the family business for some years now.
For a marketing campaign they developed a cardboard plane, to reach their clients in a fun way.
It was so successful that something had to be done with it.

A great idea was born

Evelyne was convinced off the idea and talked about a lot. For real, she talked and dreamed about it a lot.
Until Astrid was done listening and decided there had been enough talk.
It was time for action. They decided to team up and, not long after, Mister Tody was born.

The beginning of a great adventure.
And we’re so excited to be sharing it with you.

With Love

Astrid & Evelyne



PS: Do you have any questions, suggestions or stories you would like to share? Say HELLO at any time!


Astrid De Clerck - astrid@mistertody.be
Evelyne Depuydt - evelyne@mistertody.be